All the major activities under the operation theatre are monitored by this module. This module helps in managing the entire activities of the operation theatre right from patient scheduling to the transfer to the wards after the surgery.

Key Features

  • Schedule the allocation of operation theatres and operating teams systematically.
  • Recording details of an operation including list of surgeons, attending nurses, operation notes, nursing notes, operating time etc.
  • The module connects the OT to blood bank, pharmacy, consumables and investigation centres. The module also links up with the accounting and financial module
  • Template driven OT notes helps maintain all the details of any procedure conducted in the OT.
  • The cost of any procedure can be calculated in a scientific manner based on configurable parameters.


  • The surgery is scheduled systematically and the patient need to leave the ward only on time
  • Previous investigations and records are easily accessible to the operating surgeon

OT Staff

  • Every consumable that is used up for a procedure can be easily recorded without any mistake
  • Billing of consumables to patients can be done without any confusion


  • OT notes which are template driven does not let even a minor event from being overlooked
  • Can have instantaneous access to all the previous records of the patient
  • Generate the schedule of a team of doctors for a procedure


  • 1) Streamlines the operations of the OT