Central Sterile Supply Department(CSSD)

Central Sterile Supply Department is a crucial unit of a mid-sized or large hospital. Its main function is to provide sterile items, linen, equipment to wards, OPD, OT etc. CSSD module performs a crucial function of maintaining the records of sterile supply in the hospital.

It allows managing various functions of CSSD department such as collecting, decontamination, assembling, packing, sterilizing, storing and distributing a multiplicity of goods and equipments to areas in the hospital that provide patient care such as sample collection, operation theatres etc.

It automates the process of managing and tracking supplies to and from every department. It is easy to implement hospital Infection control policy through the CSSD module.

Key Features

  • CSSD module in our software helps users to have the inventory information of items that need to be sterilized, in the form of instruments, sets or items, by keeping track of such items received or issued to departments like OT, Cath Lab, ICU, Emergency and Ward in a hospital.
  • By tracking the in-out details of items, user gets ready info on items that need to be sterilized, items that are sterilized and items that are yet to be returned after sterilization etc.
  • The records of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization are maintained by CSSD module of the software. This helps in finding and analysing the effectiveness of these processes and practices.
  • Hospital can easily implement Infection Control Policy using CSSD module in our hospital management software, which improves patient safety by enforcing and checking the controls necessary from time to time, to prevent cross infection.
  • Maintains an interface with the stores to request stock online and enquire on stock levels.
  • Maintains detailed record pertaining to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
  • Lists and manages sterilization requests from the entire department.
  • Records the daily instruments, sets, items, etc received by various departments for sterilization.
  • Classification of the instruments, linen, etc based on the type of sterilization technique.
  • Tagging the items with the date of sterilization.
  • Scheduling maintenance of the equipment used for sterilization.

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