Medical Billing System

A bill includes services, materials, pharmacy, consultation, laboratory and other additional and incidental charges. All cash and credit transactions with the patients are billed using this billing system module. Billing system brings out all the services billed into a common billing format, which has to be presented to the patient before he leaves the hospital. There is also facility for searching the patient’s folio including checking whether the bills are settled or pending. The medical billing system module saves the generated data of a patient for future reference and manages the canceling of confirmed bills.

Key Features

  • Consolidated billing of procedures and other services can be done
  • Generation of provisional bills.
  • Advance/deductibles collection.
  • Normal/corporate/insurance bill generation and settlement.

Benefits of Medical Billing System

  • Immediate generation and payment of bills
  • Reimbursement of cancelled bills quickly and correctly


  • The discharge time of an in-patient decreases drastically thus making the bed available for the next patient.
  • Tracking of unsettled medical bills becomes easy and smooth

Medical Billing System Medical Billing System Medical Billing System