This module also helps the administrator to keep track of each transaction and the authorized user. The administrator can view the list of various employees, their departments and categories using this module. He can then allot rights and privileges to an employee or set of employees in a category/department/group to use various modules in the HIS. Access to the system is highly restrictive and requires appropriate authentications by senior authorities to access key information

Key Features

  • Generates a complete folio of the Human Resources in the hospital.
  • Helps the administrator to allocate user rights and privileges for various modules of the HIS through this module.
  • Allocations can be done in groups like nursing staff, account staff etc.
  • Helps the administrator to keep track of each transaction.
  • Can monitor misuse or unauthorized intrusion if any by tracking login – logoff time, machine identity etc.


  • Patients are assured of the confidentiality of their records and their records are not accessible to intruders