This module forms the core of the in-patient treatment and monitoring functions. It tracks the movement of the patient when the patient is admitted in a ward, shifted to another ward and discharged from the hospital

Key Features

  • Helps in ward management like allotment of rooms, room transfer, room holding, and room status maintenance (like vacant, cleaning, maintenance)
  • Improve bed management by making reservations, moving patients from room to room and discharging patients from a single view
  • All services from laboratory, pharmacy and operation theatre etc., are handled through this module from the nursing station.


  • The patients would be admitted only to rooms that are completely fit for occupation
  • The patient can be located very easily even if he is shifted from the initial ward to another ward/ ICU
  • There would not be any mix up of admissions (double admission in the same room)

House-keeping Staff

  • Can easily locate a vacated ward/ room and make it ready for the next patient

Front Office Personnel

  • Can easily make reservations, hold a room and transfer patients from the same view.


  • Can easily identify the location of a patient during the rounds