The Insurance Management module handles all the activities that are related to the insurance provider. Multiple options are provided to accommodate all the types of insurance packages. The upper limit of each allowed procedure can be set. The pathway would be automatically blocked if the patient tries to avail a facility that is not covered in the insurance package. Multiple insurance schemes can be assigned for a single patient. Periodic population of the insurance packages can be done seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Inclusion and exclusion of services within each scheme.
  • Copayments and deductibles can be set against each scheme and insurance provider
  • Specify the limit for each service category/ service
  • Insurance approvals
  • Specify account head for corporate/insurance companies or its policies/ schemes/ service
  • One patient visit can have billing based on multiple scheme.
  • Rejection Management


  • Identification of patients who have genuine insurance coverage
  • Quicker reimbursement of claims from the insurance companies