Lab Information System (LIS)

This module caters to the requirement of clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology, microbiology, immunology etc. The lab information system streamlines all the process at the lab right from sample collection to result entry and transfer. Due authorization is done at the end of the process to make the process foolproof

Key Features

  • The lab machines including the auto analyzers are interfaced with the hospital information system and their complete operations are automated without human intervention
  • HL7 standards incorporates the ability to receive data from other lab machines
  • Sample management system creates barcodes and tracks the samples of blood, saliva, urine etc.
  • Assures that the technicians complete all the pending tests.
  • Generates automated results from various laboratory machines and updates patient records.
  • Ability to handle large number of specimens without compromising on safety
  • Efficient tracking of specimens by usage of bar codes for the specimens.

Benefits of Lab Information System

  • The lab results of critical patients would be notified instantaneously to the doctor
  • All the lab results would be submitted directly to the doctor


  • No delay in the execution of doctors’ orders
  • No need to make repeat visits to collect the results
  • No mix-up of samples of different patients at the lab

Lab Technician

  • Immediate receipt of the doctors’ orders to perform a lab test
  • Easier reporting of lab results of the patients

Lab Information System Lab Information System Lab Information System