Nursing Information System

This module optimizes the nursing services with respect to the execution of orders from CPOE. Nursing information system (NIS) manages clinical data from a variety of healthcare environments made available in a timely and orderly fashion to aid nurses in improving patient care. Nursing information system module keeps track of the instructions to the nurses and the execution status of those orders

Key Features

  • Serves as a one stop solution for all activities of the nursing staff
  • Incorporates all the aspects such as nursing assessment, nursing plan, drug administration, nursing memo/note, nursing worksheet, body temp chart, nursing tabulation chart, nurse duty roster, nursing rhythm chart
  • Clinical whiteboards integrates real-time scheduling with EMR integration to enhance nursing work flow

Benefits of Nursing Information System

  • Can be confident that all the orders would be executed and none would be overlooked
  • Graphical representation of all the vital signs and other parameters for easier comparison


  • Any missed order would be promptly shown as an alert
  • Any order from the doctor would be immediately transferred to the nursing station
  • The nurses do not have to specifically search the records for newer orders; the orders would be notified to them


  • Absolutely no delay in the execution of doctors’ orders

Nursing Information Systems