Inventory Management is a fully integrated module covering the main and sub functions of pharmacies as well as stores. The central store as well as the peripheral stores can be monitored and the stock of inventory managed according to the demand.

Key Features

  • It apprises of the drug details, storage information, quantity in hand and reorder quantity.
  • The module records sales to patients, generates credit invoices, creates bills for cash sales and links up with nursing information system for inpatient needs.
  • Transfers to other sub-stores are also recorded by this module.
  • The database aids conversions of generic names to/from brand names. It also links up the diseases to suitable drugs and their manufacturers.
  • The inventory can be tracked in real time.
  • All leakages at various points of sale can be plugged thus minimizing loss from pilferage.
  • The stock that are nearing expiry period can be identified and segregated at the earliest.


  • The patient can know right at the time of prescription whether the drug is available in the pharmacy

Store Keeper

  • Can know in real time which sub store is running out of stock and the particular stock can be replenished immediately
  • The batch of drugs which has reached expiry date can be identified and isolated


  • Completely leakages of drugs and inventory at every point of sale.
  • Track the drugs/ inventory which are more in demand and maintain the supply of that particular item