Scalability – Yasasii is easily scalable from a single physician clinic to a multi specialty hospital
Interfacing – Seamless integration with a wide variety of 3rd party hardware and software
Quality Standards - Created by following CMMI guidelines, Yasasii supports international standards such as HL 7, DICOM, ICD – 10

Every patient is unique
  • The biometric identifier never lets you mix up your patients even if you would want to.
  • Capture the photograph of the patient instantaneously and attach to the patient record

New to Technology? No Issues!

  • Getting acclimatized to our system is only a matter of minutes thanks to our unique user friendly interface
  • Navigating through our product is simple. Single screen access to all the key functionalities
  • Point and click entry system - Expert templates minimizes the usage of keyboard

Don’t Change the Process, Follow Your Own

  • Dynamic template creation for different clinical departments – Each physician can create a template for history taking and examination according to his own preferences
  • Ordering multiple services can be made from a single point
  • We believe in moving the data not the patient. The prescriptions are transferred directly from the physician to the respective destinations like pharmacy, lab or radiology department with one click

Prevention is better than Cure

  • Yasasii alerts the doctor if an allergy inducing drug is prescribed to the patient
  • Alerts to the healthcare staff in case specific precautions have to be adopted.
  • Helps healthcare administrators to control hospital acquired infections
  • Alerting public healthcare governors about the possible epidemics

If you forget, we remind you

  • SMS reminders to patients never lets them miss an appointment and timely consumption of medicines
  • Patients are reminded to take medicines regularly via SMS
  • Clinical Alerts – Alerts to the nursing staff if a medication is overdue or not administered

We are not alone! We are a part of the healthcare society

  • Integration with third party software made easy
  • Integration with lab and radiology equipment – We work coherently with other partners to ease the running of a healthcare setup

Optimize human resources

  • Redeploy the staff to areas where the human touch emotions are indispensable
  • Image manipulation & annotation- In built diagrams are available for making annotations and remarks

Your time is precious; so is your patients’

  • Queuing system integration – The waiting time for the patient becomes negligible
  • Adaptive learning – The predictive texting system generates options based on the analysis of previous inputs.
  • Every document can be scanned, attached to the records and classified accordingly