Radiology information system module manages the functions of radiology and imaging services. The module manages the maintenance of various results derived from diagnosis and reports the result to the concerned departments. Radiology information system processes radiology orders, tracks the investigation status, records reports and does the integration of digital images.

Key Features

  • Records, stores, manages and accesses all varieties of multimedia content – from images to videos
  • Reports can be generated automatically using MS Office and sent to concerned doctor
  • The provision to attach images and radiology reports to the patients’ medical records facilitates simultaneous view of both.
  • It has the feature of viewing images and reports through the web and emails.
  • Integration facility with NeMIAS PACS system ensures easy storage and retrieval.
  • The parameters of the image such as contrast etc can be adjusted for maximum functional advantage
  • CD/DVD burning facility relieves the patients from carrying the bulky images for every visit
  • Due authorization process enforced by the software ensures that the results are accurate,


  • The doctors have an uniform template for report generation
  • The consulting doctor can correlate the records, the images and the reports
  • The images will be available along with the patient records for referral anytime


  • Patient need not pay for the film of the radiology investigation
  • Fixation of the investigation timings from the nursing station or from the counter
  • No need to make repeat visits to collect the results


  • Relieve the purchase department from buying films for the hospital
  • Cost savings in the form of space required for storage of films

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