Infection Control

The infection control suite is a novel package that tracks all the hospital acquired infections throughout the year. This module helps the management in tracking and controlling the outbreaks of hospital acquired infection. It is linked up with the wards, the OT, labs and the ICU. The beauty of the module is that it detects the hospital acquired infection automatically and analyses the results.

Key Features

  • The main highlight is that the data collection is done automatically from different part of the hospital and no human intervention is needed
  • Identification of outbreaks of Hospital Acquired Infection
  • It identifies the source, the organism causing hospital acquired infection and the risk factors.
  • The exact location of the outbreak of an infection can be identified and the patients traced
  • Identify the patients who shared the ward and occupied the bed after the outbreak was identified
  • Generate antibiogram report (graphical/ table view)
  • Generate unit specific antibiogram report
  • Identification of multi drug resistant microbes
  • Monitor the consumption of antibiotic under different headings (doctor/ department/location wise)

Benefits of Infection Control

  • Prompt identification of a hospital infection outbreak to isolate the vulnerable patients
  • Identification of patients who could possibly contact infection from the infected patient


  • Early control of outbreak of infections
  • Periodic surveillance and monitoring of antibiotic usage reduces the incidence of unnecessary prescription

Infection Control Infection Control